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Rayco Puppies

Mountain Cur/Lab Mix

The Rayco puppies came to us in June of 2019. Father’s Day weekend. Both our daughters spent many hours behind the shop trying to catch a liter of 8 that was posted on Facebook. They managed to catch 4 that day. My husband and I had said we didn’t want any more dogs, but everything happens for a reason. We were upset about it all until my daughter Taylor walked in our door with the dog that I would name Pretzel. Pretzel was the only one of his coloring. All the other ones had a twin or were triplets… same coloring. I had seen a picture of Pretzel on Facebook in a red wagon that was posted by one of my friends. Of course, I absolutely fell in love with the pup. But again, we said we didn’t need any other dogs. When Taylor walked in with him and I saw him, I immediately looked at my husband. I have a certain look I on my face when I want something, and no one can tell me differently. I had that look. My husband told Taylor that she should give me the dog before your Mom has a fit. Since then, we have been inseparable. We took in all the puppies except Ellis. Ellis went to live with Taylor and her husband. Ellis comes over for play dates with Pretzel and the many other dogs we have. There were still more puppies behind Rayco that needed to be rescued. It took 5 weeks for us to catch one more, which was the runt of the liter, Molly. During this time Amber Austin with Lead Me Home Rescue stepped in and took possession of all the puppies except Pretzel and Ellis. We kept the puppies here and fostered for Amber. While the puppies were here, I started training, not teaching. After having the RayCo pups for about 4 months, they were adopted out to a Father and daughter. I talked with the adopter of Molly first and Anna fell in love with her. Anna mentioned that her Dad was looking for a dog as well, so I sent her a picture of Sadie. Within 2 hours, I received a phone call from Rich asking what he could do to get that dog. I immediately sent him to Amber’s adoption application. Both Molly and Sadie were obedience trained. I also house and crate trained them. They were leash trained as well. It was hard to let them go on transport that day, but the pictures I received 2 days later. To see the love of the adopters who had not met the puppies, only to watch videos and see pictures. It meant the world to me.

Pretzel, Sadie and Molly standing at the door

The Hounds


The Hounds came next. Amber asked if I could dog sit for a week or so, and of course I said yes. Oh boy were they unruly. The Hounds were a challenge. We had Hazel and Whitt for 4 weeks. During that time both hounds were house and crate trained. I obedience trained, and leash trained them both. These two were scent hounds. Nose to the ground everywhere they went. I trained them without taking that natural talent out of them. Hazel was adopted first, and Whitt followed 2 weeks later. When Amber would come over to bring supplies, she would see a difference in them every time. Especially with Whitt, since we had her 2 weeks longer, I was able to spend more time training her. Whitt was the most obedient dog at transport that day.

The Hounds Hazel and Whit


Boxer Mix

During this time, Amber again asked me to dog sit, and of course I said yes. Bailey came to stay with us for about 4 weeks and she received the same training as I had given all the other dogs. Bailey is one of Amber’s personal dogs. She was so sweet and took up with us right away. But when Amber came through the door, she knew who she belonged to.


Chicken Noodle

Australian Shepard

While I still had the RayCo puppies, I started researching about trainging, Therapy and Service dogs. It was during this time that I came across Pet Partners and MS Therapy Canines. I started a registration with Pet Partners with Pretzel and completed the necessary courses from Pet Partners. Through Pet Partners, I found Mr. Scott, more on him later. I then applied to become a volunteer puppy raiser for MS Therapy Canines. I received Chicken Noodle November 16,2019. During the time I had Chicken Noodle, as with all my dogs. I trained her in obedience as well. She was also house and crate trained. Within 2 months of having Chicken Noodle, she was on the same level as Pretzel in training which was CGC level. I would take Chicken Noodle and Pretzel to pet stores and businesses that would allow dogs. After one time of bringing the dogs in, the businesses would ask if I could bring them back on a weekly basis. I did, and so began the training of therapy canine training and work. Chicken Noodle went back to MS Therapy Canines for evaluations and further training March of 2020. During this time, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to work with dogs to help people and help owners of personal dogs. In February of 2020, I started my own business, For The Puppies Training Academy LLC.

Chicken Noodle


Wheaten Terrier

Macy the Wheaten Terrier came in February through my 4-week program for FTPTA. Macy was trained according to AKC STAR PUPPY standards. Macy’s Mom was also given handler training as part of the program requirements and Claire is an excellent dog owner and master at commands.

Link to AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Info
AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy
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AKC Canine Good Citizen
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