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Board Training

This service is for, but not limited to, puppies 14 weeks to 6 months of age. It follows all AKC STAR Puppy and CGC - Canine Good Citizen guidelines. Our Domestic Board Training Program is where your puppy lives with us, in our home, for a 4 week period. During this time, they learn about several things:

It's vital that we maintain the bond between you and your puppy. It's also important that you, as your puppies owner, learn along with your new friend. For these reasons, we require that you attend at least one 1 hr training session with your puppy a week during their time here. This not only allows you to spend time with your pet, but get an in-person view of their training progress. It also gives us a chance to help instruct you on how to use the commands that we are teaching your puppy and properly communicate with your new family member.

If your puppy requires a special dog food, you will be required to provide it. Otherwise, we use Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials.

Per AKC standards, owners will be required to provide vet records at time of evaluation. Those records will be required before being admitted into the program. The records should show proof that the puppy has had at least 3 sets of shots. Proof of flea and tick control, as well as heart worm prevention is also required. Monthly flea, tick and heartworm medications will gladly be administered at no additional fee, but the owner is asked to provide the medications.

We understand that life can be quit hectic at times. If your pet needs to make a trip to the vet, say for example it's time for it's 4th set of shots, we will gladly take the dog for their visit at no charge. If we need to purchase the medications for your puppy, we will simply bill you for the cost of those medications on your next invoice on a separate line item. We will provide you a copy of the receipt from your vet as well. This is for the safety of all current and future puppies in the program.

$1400 a month

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