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The AKC Canine Good Citizen class (CGC) follows a 10 Skill Training Program that's open to all dogs that focuses on teaching the basics of good manners and obedience, instilling the values of responsible ownership, and strengthening the bond between you and your dog at home and out in the community. This package consists of six one hour classes, currently held at our home.

$225 package of 6 1hr classes

CGC Test Items

  1. Accepting a Friendly Stranger - demonstrates that the dog will allow a friendly stranger to approach it and speak to the handler in a natural, everyday situation.
  2. Sitting Politely for Petting - demonstrates that the dog will allow a friendly stranger to touch it while it is out with its handler.
  3. Appearance and Grooming - demonstrates that the dog will welcome being groomed and examined and will permit a stranger, such as a veterinarian, groomer, or friend of the owner, to do so.
  4. Walking on a Loose Leash - demonstrates that the handler is in control of the dog.
  5. Walking Through A Crowd - demonstrates that the dog can move about politely in pedestrian traffic and is under control in public places.
  6. Sit and Down on Command/Staying in Place - demonstrates that the dog has training and will respond to the handler’s commands to sit and down, and will remain in the place commanded by the handler.
  7. Coming When Called - demonstrates that the dog will come when called by the handler.
  8. Reaction to Another Dog - demonstrates that the dog can behave politely around other dogs.
  9. Reaction to Distractions - demonstrates that the dog is confident at all times when faced with common distracting situations.
  10. Supervised Separation - demonstrates that a dog can be left in the presence of a trusted person and will maintain its training and good manners.

$225 package of 6 1hr classes


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