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In-Home Evaluation

Our in-home evaluation plays a vital role in you and your puppy making a successful transition to our home. It has proven itself to be one of our most trusted and valued tools that we cannot do without. Allowing both parties to get to know each other better, before you commit to allowing your puppy to stay with us for a whole month, is very important to us.

Prices start at $60.00 (within 50 miles of Corinth, MS) and try to take as much time as we can to make sure that we answer as many questions that you may have. We do try to keep the evaluations to no more than an hour and a half - two hours, out of respect for your time and our travel back home. We typically perform evaluations later in the week and late afternoon, around 7PM.

In-Home Evaluation $60.00 (within 50 miles of Corinth, MS)

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