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Puppy Program Level 2

So your puppy has had a solid start on their road to being a great companion, but your not sure how to take their training to the next level. Maybe you have worked with them, when they were younger, but they are not responding to you the way they used to. Or your puppy has had no training at this point and you are beyond overwhelmed and need help.

Puppy Program Level 2

Take your puppies training to the next level for only


The Puppy Program Level 2 Program fits all of these scenario's and more. Just like our Puppy Level One - your puppy will live with us, in our home, for a period of 4 weeks. You will be required to come for at one 1 hour training session each week. Two of those sessions will at a local store in town. During these sessions, we will be covering Public Access training and more advanced obedience skills that you and your puppy will need to master if you both want to be your very best in public. Be it a pet friendly store or a hectic backyard birthday party or family gathering. All these skills play a role in you being sure that your pet is comfortable, safe and well behaved as much as possible.



If you do not have up-to-date records on your puppy at this time, FTPTA can/will contact your vet for you (with your permission) and obtain the needed information. No other information will or can be obtainer or exchanged.

Puppy Program Level 2 $3000

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