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As a family, we have always had animals in our lives. From dogs, cats, a squirrel or two, a rabbit, to a team of ducks and their mother. So it goes without saying that we are animal lovers at heart.

We use Positive Reinforcement techniques while training your puppy and teach you those same techniques. For most people, those techniques require quit the shift in thinking, when it comes to your pets. If we had to summarize the Positive Reinforcement Mindset to someone in one phrase it would be, "To better understand why your dog is doing something, stop looking at the world through your eyes and look at it through theirs for a moment.". We want your puppy to have a choice, and do things at their own speed and time. We do not feel that forcing a dog to behave a certain way makes them better pets. Helping them understand that acting a certain way is more rewarding and fun, is our goal for you and your pets.

Image of Kim, owner and lead trainer
Kimberly Jackson, Owner/Lead Trainer
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A lifetime passion turned into a dream come true. I've always trained my personal dogs but never for anyone else, until the Rayco puppies. A liter of five puppies, turned into volunteering for Lead Me Home Rescue and training all the dogs I fostered. After several months and many dogs I decided to turn it into a business. I am located in Corinth, MS where there are very few trainers available. As of May 4, 2020 I am currently the only AKC evaluator in the area.

Image of Kim, owner and lead trainer
Phillip Jackson, Co-Owner/Trainer
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After working at Rayco Inc for 16 years and within the technology industry over the last 25+ yrs, I decided that it was time for a change. After my wife (Kim) started FTPTA (Feb 2020?), the business was pretty easy to manage. But it only took a few months before we had grown much larger than we could've ever anticipated. This was due, in large part, to the COVID Pandemic that hit the United States just before March. We figured things would slow down around the end of the year, but they didn't. So we decided that it was time for me to put down the screw driver and pick up a leash. This was not a very hard transition due to the fact that Kim and I have always shared a passion for animals.

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